Bus Etiquette

Here are a few pieces of bus etiquette that can make everyone’s journey, that little bit smoother. A bus is a shared space and therefore a shared experience. That daily commute can be improved with small acts of self-awareness from you and others.

Image of a cartoon bag on a bus seat

Please keep your feet off the seat and also your bags!

Your shoes do most of the leg work every day, so having them on the seats can dirty them up. Having your bag on the seat can also takes up space for that person that just needs a sit down after a long day.

cartoon image of a pair of earphones saying Be sound - keep it down

Keep those earphones plugged in!

We’re sure your music taste is nothing less than exquisite, but playing loud music can disrupt other passengers journeys and take away from that smooth journey we all try to create.

Cartoon image saying Look out for vehicles

Be very careful when getting off the bus!

Keep your eyes open for other road users. Slipping on banana peels is comical, putting yourself in danger getting off the bus is not. Road traffic and users are unpredictable, this is why you never know what your stepping into, especially when other road users are involved. So be very careful when getting off the bus!

Steer clear/do not distract driver

Do not distract the bus driver!

All of our bus drivers are incredibly warm people. I’m sure they’d love to discuss how your day is going, but their concentration is of the upmost importance to everyone’s safety. Both inside and outside the bus. So keep the chats to yourself.