Bus Éireann FAQs

  1. How to pay for bus service - buying & validating tickets?
  2. How does my online ticket work?
  3. Why did I not receive my confirmation email, after I purchased my ticket online?
  4. How can I get a refund for my Bus Éireann ticket or Online Order which I did not use?
  5. Where may I find information on Bus Éireann's Conditions of Carriage?
  6. Are there bus services to Airports?
  7. Can I carry a dog on Bus Éireann services?
  8. What if I lose property on a Bus Éireann service
  1. How to pay for Bus Éireann services - buying and validating tickets

  2. We have several options available to our customers.

    Transport For Ireland - (TFI) Leap Card or TFI Go App – cheaper than cash fares, safer, and more convenient.

    National Tickets Online – available for journeys to 500 popular destinations throughout the country. Bus Éireann serves over 3,000 locations nationwide, it is not possible to buy tickets online for all destinations.

    Ticket vending Machines at the bus station before the bus leaves or on-board bus from the bus driver if you are joining the service outside the main centres. Please try to have exact fare ready for the driver when boarding the bus. This will speed up boarding times for you and for other customers.
    If you already have a ticket or pass, please have it ready for inspection when you board the bus.

    Tickets must be retained for the duration of your journey and produced for inspection on request.

  3. How does my online ticket work?

  4. You must print your Online Order or display on your mobile device and present it to the Bus Driver who will, in exchange, issue your actual paper ticket.

    Please note if you purchased a return ticket or a weekly 10 Journey Ticket, you must keep the paper ticket issued by the Bus Driver for further travel.

    Customers please note you must travel on the date selected and from the origin selected otherwise driver cannot issue ticket. Also please note a break of journey is not permitted except at interchange points for completion of journey by another bus on the same day.

    Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be amended.
    Tickets which are lost or stolen will not be replaced.

  5. Why did I not receive my confirmation email, after I purchased my ticket online?

  6. Once your transaction has been processed successfully, you should receive email confirmation of your online order immediately. If it has not been delivered to your "inbox", you should check to see if you or your service provider has filtered it to your "junk" folder.

    If it does not appear in either your "inbox" or your "junk" folder, please do not hesitate to contact our Online Support Team. This situation can be avoided by adding the beonline@buseireann.ie email address to your "Contacts".

  7. How can I get a refund for my Bus Éireann ticket or Online Order which I did not use?

  8. If you did not have your confirmation email with you at time of travel and bought a replacement ticket from a Bus Éireann Driver or at a Bus Station, please retain that ticket and submit it in support of your refund application. You must make all refund claims no later than 30 days after the date of outward travel on your unused ticket.

    If you decide for some reason not to use the ticket you bought online, you should apply for refund before the date of outward travel shown on your order

    Claims for refunds in respect of unused tickets will be considered solely at the discretion of Bus Éireann and will be subject to an administration charge of €5 per transaction.

    Refunds will not be granted on partially used tickets.

    Refunds will not be issued in respect of lost or stolen tickets.

    Customers please note it takes a minimum of 10 working days for refund amount to be credited back to your account/appear on a statement of a credit/debit card.

    Requests for refunds on unused tickets bought on our website www.buseireann.ie will only be considered on receipt of written application. By email or apply in writing, enclosing your confirmation email to:

    Online Ticket Sales
    Customer Care
    Bus Éireann
    Dublin 7

    Please note that terms and conditions for Expressway and Eurolines Tickets differ from National Tickets.

  9. Where may I find information on Bus Éireann's Conditions of Carriage?

  10. See Terms and Conditions

  11. Are there bus services to Airports?

  12. We operate services to Dublin Airport, Ireland West Airport Knock, Kerry Airport, Cork Airport and Shannon Airport. If you are travelling to an airport, we suggest that you plan your journey so as to arrive at least three hours before the recommended check-in time shown on your air tickets.

  13. Can I carry a dog or other animal on Bus Éireann services?

  14. Guide-dogs and Assistance Dogs only. We do not permit dogs, cats or any other animals or live fowl of any description to be carried on our services.

    All guide-dog owners carry identification cards and the dog will have a tag on its lead which will read “Irish Guide Dog for the Blind”.

    Assistance dogs are used by some people with different types of disabilities, such as autism, deafness or balance problems (Stability Dogs). An assistance dog will always be wearing a blue coat marked “Assistance Dog”. A parent or guardian who is accompanying a child with an assistance dog will also be carrying an identity card for the dog.

    Therapy Dogs - When a member from Irish Therapy Dogs visits a Care Facility or Hospital they wear their uniform at all times (gold sweater with logo and black trousers). The dog also has a yellow coat, collar and lead to show that he too is a member.

  15. What if I lose property on a Bus Éireann service?

  16. Property found in or on Bus Éireann vehicles will be deposited at the nearest depot of the Company.

    A handling fee per article will be charged when lost property is claimed. If lost property is unclaimed for a period in excess of two months, such property will be sold and the monies obtained will be used to defray any expenses incurred by Bus Éireann in holding such property.

    No responsibility will be accepted by Bus Éireann for loss of or damage to property belonging to a passenger which is lost or stolen on Bus Éireann premises or on Bus Éireann vehicles./p>

    Call us on LoCall: 0818 836 611 – Office Hours Monday – Friday 09.00-17.00, closing for lunch from 13.00 – 14.00. Customers calling from outside of the Republic of Ireland can telephone +353 1 836 6111.